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International Environmental, Social & Health Impact Assessment

An International EIA typically evaluates the environmental, social and health impacts of projects, and is based on the guidelines of the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and other international financial institutions. An International EIA is applicable to projects that obtain financing or loans from such financial institutions and to Chinese investment projects in other countries. It is a prerequisite for finance from banks following the Equator Principles. An ESHIA includes environmental, social and public health assessment, resettlement, stakeholder engagement and information disclosure, etc. By thoroughly identifying and analyzing overall impact of projects, proposing management measures, ESHIA ensures projects’ social and environmental sustainability. Greenment provides the following services:

·  Consultation with financial institutions and local government;

·  Baseline investigation and monitoring;

·  Stakeholder involvement;

·  Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment

·  Term negotiation with lenders.

We draw on our expertise to deliver international ESHIA services for multinational corporations, and large scale energy projects for clients such as CNPC, Shell and Qatar Petroleum International. Our team members are qualified technical professionals with rich international consulting experience and a sound understanding of the Equator Principles, the Social and Environmental Sustainability Performance Standards of IFC, the Environmental Health and Safety General Guidelines of the World Bank and other industrial and international standards.

In order to meet governments’ and international finance institutions’ requirements, Greenment can compile both domestic and international EIAs for customers, or compile an international EIA based on an existing domestic EIA.