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Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)

In 2002,international engineers CH2M obtained the first Chinese EIA certificate for companies ever issued to company registered outside the mainland China, enabling the company to perform EIAs that would be recognized by the Chinese Government. Greenment inherited this EIA qualification as part of its separation from CH2M, and thus can cost-effectively deliver large scale and complex EIA projects without relying on separately-licensed local partners. 

Our team embeds environmental impact assessment expertise in projects across a multitude of sectors—chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and electromechanical industries, roads and rail, and social services.

In addition, other related services provided include the following:

 EIA for newly constructed, renovated and expanded projects

 Retrospective EIA for construction projects

 Environmental Impact Post-Project Assessment(EIPPA)

 EIA and Impact analysis for project change

 Feasibility analysis for site selection

 Effectiveness assessment of remedial and preventive measures

Project completion acceptance

Report compilation and application for Pollutant Discharge Permit

There are presently 19 registered EIA engineers in our team, including 6 government-designated experts with specializations including petrochemical industry, transportation, environmental risk assessment, underground water assessment, and others.