Project case
Environment, Society & Governance (ESG) Consulting Service

Greenment has established long-term strategic cooperation with a large investment corporation to provide professional environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) consulting services for its investment and financing decisions. This corporation is one of the largest alternative asset management corporations in China, with more than 80 billion RMB in its total amount of managed capital. As an important part of the corporation's sustainable development and responsible investment strategy, ESG is considered in the investment analysis and decision-making processes. This is the first time that a domestic investment corporation has cooperated with a third party for professional consulting services in ESG risk control.

This investment corporation intended to invest in a large pharmaceutical group. As an important component of risk assessment prior to the investment, Greenment was entrusted to conduct an ESG risk assessment of the pharmaceutical group. During the process of the ESG risk assessment, Greenment worked closely with the investment corporation and the pharmaceutical group. All three parties agreed on the identified problems. The subsequent improvement plan was prepared and implemented. Through this assessment, the investment risk was effectively controlled and the ESG management of the pharmaceutical group was improved. Good ESG performance can bring new opportunities and reduce risks for the investment corporation.

The investment corporation also intended to conduct equity investment in a large consumer product company. Greenment was entrusted to conduct an ESG risk assessment of the consumer product company prior to the investment. During the assessment, Greenment identified several important ESG issues. After multiple communications with the investment corporation and the consumer product company, the consumer product company agreed to spend approximately 10 million RMB on corrective actions and specified the deadline and responsibility for these corrective actions. Through this assessment, the operational risk of the consumer product company was further controlled, and the investment corporation can obtain increased profit by promoting good behaviors of the invested company.