Project case
Environmental Supervision for a Soil & Groundwater Remediation Project at a Site Contaminated by Polychlorinated Biphenyles & Petroleum Hydrocarbons

The site is located in Minhang District of Shanghai and included a gas company, a liquefied petroleum gas storage & transportation station and a gas station. The site will be developed into a commercial area. Preliminary investigation, detailed investigation and human health risk assessment indicated that the concentrations of contaminants in soil and groundwater in some parts of the site were higher than acceptable risk levels. Therefore, environmental remediation was needed.

As the environmental supervision organization for the remediation project, Greenment assembled an experienced professional team and conducted field work including verification, inspection, document review and training. For the process of soil remediation, key aspects of supervision included remediation scope, excavation depth, leakage prevention during ex-situ remediation, dust prevention and control, control of secondary pollution during backfilling, and dosage of oxidants. For the process of groundwater remediation, efforts was focused on inspection of the depth and radius of influence of extraction wells, prevention and control of secondary pollution during groundwater extraction, operation of the above-ground treatment facilities and dosing.